Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance "Amalipe"

combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people

The Project

   youth tolerance2The objective of the project is to establish and test comprehensive model for combating racism and anti-Roma stereotypes in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Hungary among young people aged 14-25. It uses peer education method that trains and engages active young people with broad set of activities for overcoming anti-Roma stereotypes. The activities will take place in one city in Romania, Greece and Hungary and in six cities in Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo, Blagoevgrad, Vratza, Burgas, Shumen and Plovdiv.

   Young people as well as their teachers in educational institutions (schools and universities) from the countries with significant Roma population often share deep prejudices against Roma. These prejudices have the same results in different countries: from one side, this Roma vs.majority contradiction prevents Roma from real integration in educational institutions and violates their human and citizens’ rights. From the other side, it strengthens xenophobia among the young people. Both Roma and non-Roma young people are suffering from existing anti-Roma stereotypes and are both victims. Thus instead of being beneficiares of a multiculturel exchange, the students are deprived of this advantage.

   The project aim is to combat racism, xenophobia and anti-Roma attitudes based on stereotypes among young people. The project further aims at promoting mutual understanding and tolerance.