Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance "Amalipe"

combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people


The main activities of the project include the establishment of Youth Task Force Groups (YTFG) for combating the anti-Roma attitudes among young people and reacting on concrete cases of racism in their community or schools. They will be volunteer groups conducting peer training in their regions and organizing public awareness campaigns. Exchange of experience and know how among the YTFGs from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Greece will be organized.

Youth Task Force Groups (YTFG)

In each county a youth task force group will be established. It will include representatives of young people from different schools and universities - Roma and non Roma. They will be volunteers for organizing broad set of activities directed at changing the negative stereotypes among their peers and for forming tolerance. 

The YTFGs will have three major tasks:

- to organize Peer trainings

- to organize awareness campaigns

- to react on concrete cases of discrimination in educational institutions or in the community.


Training for Tolerance - three types of Peer trainings will be organized within the project.

1. Kick-off Training of trainers for YTFGs: The six teams from the six regions in Bulgaria will be trained together with their Romanian, Hungarian and Greek colleagues. The training will be organized as a summer camp for 6 days. They will be trained on:

-Most common stereotypes towards Roma and how to overcome them;

-Peer training techniques - how to conduct training for their peers for overcoming stereotypes

-How to organize public awareness campaigns: among young people and among broad public

2. Supportive training for YTFGs: Another major point of the working process will be the continuing education/training of the peer trainers. This will take place every 4 months on a local level in each of the project areas.

3. Peer training for young people from the pilot regions: the YTFG activists will conduct peer training for overcoming anti-Roma stereotypes and forming tolerance among students and young people.


Public awareness campaigns against racism and xenophobia will be among the major activities. Different types of activities in educational area will be undertaken within comprehensive public awareness campaigns. They will target all young people aged 14-25 as well as the broad public. The campaigns will be organized by the volunteers themselves. Some of the specific campaign activities will include forum theatre, concerts and other musical events, activities related to paining and drawing and others that would show the colourfulness of diversity!