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8.01.2015 -The position of Center Amalipe on the attack in Paris expresses support to the French people

8.01.15 the possicion Center Amalipe 2Center Amalipe and its people are deeply saddened by the terrorist attack in Paris, France and express their support to the people of France and its communities. With this letter to the French ambassador in Bulgaria we state that no cause on Earth can take human lives. 





H.E. Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes

Ambassador of Republic of France to Bulgaria


Your Excellency,  

Dear Friends, People of France,

We, as an organization working with the Roma community in Bulgaria, 

We as citizens of a democratic country,
We as members of the European family

Are deeply saddened by the violent act of terrorism that targeted not only the freedom of speech, but the humanity and its peace.

This act of terror in the heart of Europe shows that the people behind it stand against the values of freedom, democracy and peace. Our organization and its people stand firm in support of the people of France – member of our European family – and against all forms of terror that threaten the European and humanitarian values built up by our nations throughout centuries of struggle. 

As Stephane Charbonnier said: “I’d rather die on my feet, then live on my knees” and he really did. The brave people of Charlie Hebdo refused to surrender before the threats of terrorists and they stood tall defending freedom of expression and the democracy of our world. 

We, the people of the democratic world refuse to resort to weapons of war and terror, because our weapons are words and pencil…

Please accept our sincere condolences expressed to You and the friends and families of the fallen sons of France.

Truly yours in the pain and sorrow,


Deyan Kolev                                                                                                                    January 8th, 2015
Chairman of Center Amalipe                                                                                            Veliko Tarnovo

8.01.15 the possicion Center Amalipe