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combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people

16.12.2014- Greece. Saved by the bell. In Dendropotamos.

16.12.2014 Saved by the bell. In DendropotamosAfter the presentation of their lives ( “The life of the others; Time of the Gypsies”), the young Greek reporters- volunteers of the project are dealing with the big issue of their segregated schools. Early marriages, drop-out, lack of inspiration & motivation...

We all have the right of education. But what happens in the most deprived areas of Thessaloniki?

From primary the Secondary school is reached almost by 100 children. The number of students in high school barely exceed 30.

George Gk.- “Many students aren’t attending high school, girls especially, some others are spending many years in secondary school so after high school does not have many children. Others come into the labour market. Some have difficulties in reading. They had no help or encouragement from their parents. Their parents did not go to school, they did not know how to help them, they were not motivated to learn.”

Vasilis- “Without school there is no future, no further knowledge, no job. Our parents have been through a lot and do not want their children to be uneducated, to face difficulties on finding a job, not to know how to fill out a paper, to beg someone to make something simple, like the tax declaration.”
George D.- “My parents understood the value of the school. Sometimes they were smacking me in order to attend the class because they did not want me to suffer like they did ... to be unskilled or unemployed.”

Besides the incompleteness many are the problems of buildings in too many schools of Thessaloniki and Dendropotamos could not be an exception. Children's complaints are many .

George Gk.- "When elections are approaching Roma are people and afterwards they not? Roma people are not only people, they are more than many people out there who think they are. "

Dimitris- "Everyone is looking for his benefit. Now they want to evict Roma people to go where and to do what? You Know, the most of them are uneducated, do not know letters, will not fight for their rights, they can not defend themselves, they have no power and therefore they are exploiting them.”