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29.12.2014 - Hungary. Community organized Christmas Party

Christma party 3Before the Christmas Ötletfa was like an ant hill. Every youngster was responsible for something for our big and fantastic Christmas Party. Our EVS volunteers helped a lot to the guys to make a conception, to spread the work and realize the program.

The aim of the party was to strengthen the community with a celebration, but every youngster who joins Ötletfa often had a special task connected to the party. They made some sport tournament, like table tennis and kicker. Some people decorated the room; others made tea, and brought cookies. Some participants collected music from the others and prepared a playlist for the disco. They made a Facebook event also and invited their friends to the party.

More than 30 youngsters joint the event from the community, which show the success of the event, and they could reach the goal: to strengthen the community and involve more youngsters for a good cause.

Of course, the participants did not drink alcohol, they had a very good mood because of the activities what they planned to do. The youngsters also invited the workers from DATRKE and from the partner organizations, most of them could join the party.

The participants wished Merry Christmas to each other with a fantastic party, which augurs a fantastic 2015 with motivated youngsters for Ötletfa!

Christmas party 2