Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance "Amalipe"

combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people

19.11.2014 - With charity concerts and a free hugs young people called for a more tolerance

19.11.14 tolerance flayerBulgarian and Roma youth organized charity concerts in support of children with disabilities, handed out hugs and flowers of tolerance.

More than 3,000 children and adults from around the country participated in the massive campaign of Center "Amalipe" under the slogan "Breaking the stereotypes: the world is not black - white". The campaign to mark the International Day for Tolerance was held in more than 100 settlements with charity concerts, debates and training in schools and universities, information campaigns give free hugs, smiles, flowers flyers, tolerance and collection of messages. During the campaign was presented and specially trained "HAPPY" a video clip, full of smiles and energy of over 300 participants, students and young people from different ethnic backgrounds.


19.11.2014 - Hungary. International Tolerance Day at Ötletfa, Hódmezővásárhely

19.11.2014-hu-int-day-tol-1This week our EVS volunteers organize a project week based on Tolerance in Ötletfa, Hódmezővásárhely. The volunteers wanted to show the importance of tolerance through travelling. Daniele, our Lithuanian volunteer was talking about her experiences in abroad, how she was welcomed, what people thinks about her in a different country, challenging to talk with the youngsters who does not speak English.


7.11.2014 - Shumen.Young people in civil activities

7.11.14 Mladezi proiaviavat grazdanska aktivnost 1Young people from Shumen took part in the campaign "My opinion matters", which was held on the 7th of November 2014 in the small park in front of community centre "Stiliyan Chilingirov" in Shumen. More than 10 volunteers from the club "Youth is tolerance - Shumen", together with a team from the European information centre - Veliko Tarnovo, collected the opinions and messages of passers-by - young and old citizens of the town, addressed towards members of the European Parliament.


18.10.2014 - Blagoevgrad. Volunteers Club "Youth is tolerance" held another peer educator

18.10.2014-blagoevgrad-obuchenie-18-10-2014-bgIt was placed another training method “Peer Education” of October 17, 2014 in the early afternoon at Blagoevgrad school 7 School “ Kuzman Shapkarev”. 

Youth club “Youth is Tolerance” - Blagoevgrad improve their experience of trainers, teaching in this successful method of students from seventh “b” class.


15.10.2014 - Roma Pride 2014 was held in Bulgaria

romapride2014 poster englHundreds of students, teachers, representatives of institutions and individuals from across the country took part in the campaign on the occasion of Roma Pride - The Day of the Roma Pride 2014 Center "Amalipe" for the fourth consecutive year notes Roma Pride in over 15 cities in the country.