Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance "Amalipe"

combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people

25.03.2014 - Bulgaria. Youngsters fighting against racial discrimination

25.03.2014-PL-Razlichiyata ni obedinyavat 1The week to fight against the racial discrimination was marked from the club ‘Youth is tolerance’ – Plovdiv with a campaign under the motto ‘Our differences unite us’. Under the look of hundreds of students the initiative was organized in front of The University of Plovdiv ‘Paisii Hilendarski’ on 25th of March at 11a.m. The youngsters, divided into a few groups and with their smiles on, gave out a lot of colorful paper flowers with interesting facts about the different ethnic groups in Bulgaria written on their leaves.


21.03.2014 - Bulgaria. Volunteers from the club "Youth is tolerance" showed how "Differences unite us"

21.03.2014-BU-razlichiyata-ni-obedinyavatOn 20th of March, from 17:30 to 18:30, in front of the municipality building of Burgas, volunteers from Youth Club ‘Youth is tolerance 'Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance" Amalipe’, handed out small scrolls with messages and thoughts of famous people to bystanders, who had the opportunity to share their messages on a flip chart. The initiative is organized for  21st March  - International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination under the title "Differences unite us".


21.03.2014 - Bulgaria. Youths say: "No discrimination!" in Blagoevgrad

21.03.2014-blagoevgrad-ne-na-diskriminatsiyataOn the occasion of International Day against Racial Discrimination, March 21, Youth Volunteer Club "Youth is tolerance" in Blagoevgrad organized and campaigned against discrimination. They went under the slogan "With differences in the way of tolerance." The aim of the initiative was to unite all in a cause-have respect and harmony among all ethnicities and races to live in a more tolerant society in which discrimination is absent. Volunteers campaign started at 12:00, passing through the central streets with masks on their faces depicting different races and representing different ethnicities.


19.03.2014 - Romania. New peer training

02.04.2014-RO-New-trainingOn our very first training, excitement and nervousness could not be missing. The preparations were ready and when the school bell rang, we walked in the classroom and saw about twenty curious stares. Confidently, me and my partner had begun a warm-up game, to get cracking.


15.03.2014 - Romania. Supportive training on antidiscrimination campaigns

15.03.2014-RO Supportive trainingFor this supportive training, we had a special guest, Delia Nita – expert on the field of antidiscrimination, who has presented us the antidiscrimination campaigns. We found out what a convincing and well done campaign needs to contain. The first point of our campaign consists in identifying the problem, which helps us to achieve it in the best conditions.