Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance "Amalipe"

combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people


23.04.2014 - Bulgaria. Volunteers from Shumen gain experiance as a trainers

23.04.2014-SHU-Obuchenie-vov-1Another training using the method “Peer to peer” is now a fact. The subjects of tolerance and being a volunteer were discussed in detail on the training which took place on the 23rd of April at the “Dimitar Blagoev” school in Shumen, initiated by the club “Youth Is Tolerance” – Shumen.


15.04.2014 - Bulgaria. Peer to peer training of Teamwork

15.04.2014-BLG-VOV-1Training on "Teamwork" by the method "peer to peer", part of a series of training of the volunteers of the club "Youth is tolerance'' - Blagoevgrad was held. On 04/15/2014, in the National Humanitarian High School of Arts "St. Cyril and Methodius'' in Blagoevgrad, the volunteers: Alexandra, Iveta and Vesselina trained a number of students how to work in a team. The main topics were: "Communicating without words'' and ''Conflict Management".


10.04.2014 - Bulgaria. “Peer to Peer” training about tolerance in the city of Burgas

10.04.2014-BU-VOV-V-UNI-1Using the "Peer to Peer” education method, the set of trainings continues in April in Burgas. On 10th of April young people from the club "Youth is tolerance”, part of Center "Amalipe", in collaboration with The University of Burgas - "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ", held two trainings by the topic of "Tolerance" with students, studying "Social Pedagogy. The trainers were volunteers of the "Youth is tolerance" club: Paunka Dimitrova and Lazarina Tileva which are also students of this University.


29.03.2014 - Bulgaria. Youths doing peer education on tolerance through the method ‘Peer to peer education’

29.03.2014-BU-VOV 1 1Volunteer Club "Youth is tolerance" – Burgas, part of Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance "Amalipe", organizes series of trainings using the ‘peer to peer education’ method at schools and universities in Burgas.


26.03.2014 - Bulgaria. Trainings at the places of Execution of Sentences in Burgas

26.03.2014 - BU-v-zatvoraDuring the month of March several of the thematic trainings of the club "Youth is tolerance '-Burgas were conducted. In the spirit of tolerance they took place not only in the local schools and universities, but also in places of execution of punishments in the city of Burgas, and part of the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Bulgaria.